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When the Community Kitchen were asked to help clear out the stores of a closed Malaysian restaurant, they ended up with more chillies than they were ever going to use. As they refuse to let any surplus food go to waste, they decided to create their very own hot sauce: Shut Up Juice.

By buying this product, not only are you pimping your plates, but also helping support a hyper local cause, with all the monies going directly back into the project.

During normal times the Community Kitchen uses surplus food to create free, tasty and nutritious three course lunches to anyone who wants to come, whether in need of help, food or just a good natter.

Covid-19 has caused them to upscale their operation many fold, and they are now delivering food to nearly 400 beneficiaries a week, and the funds from Shut Up Juice sales will go to support their costs.

25cl bottle.