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Given that we’re now a five and a half (soon to be six!) year old brewery, there’s a certified treasure trove of recipes to refer to from our history across more than half a decade. We found a goldmine of written, but not commissioned beers when packing our brew plans recently and decided to give a 2023 spin to these recipes written with starry eyes for a time in which we’d be able to produce them. We’ve adapted for use on our current set up and Can’t Say Forever is the result – a pale ale brewed using a classic Polly’s soft water profile, and generously hopped with certified bangers Citra and Motueka for a beer that bursts with all those typical Polly’s high juice, low bitterness flavour compounds. As a final flourish, we’ve utilised the original Polly’s US-05 hazy yeast profile as opposed to our usual in-house LA3 strain to give this beer an added edge that makes it truly stand out from the crowd.

440ml can.