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Grapes grown in Oltrepo Pavese, Italy
Vintage: 2020
Grape: Pinot Noir
Hand harvested then shipped by Renegade in refrigerated trucks at 2˚C direct to the London winery.

Wine fully made in London, UK.

This wine was made by destemming the grapes over a wire mesh by hand. We do this so as to be very gentle and reduce skin breakage.

The grapes then fermented spontaneously in a stainless steel tank, without the addition of any yeast - otherwise known as wild fermentation. Naturally present yeasts are already within the winery environment and on the grape skins. Think sourdough. No additions of sugar, nutrients, or de-acidification methods/any other winemaking was used to make this wine.

After 20 days on the skins the wine was pressed of and aged in old french barrels (90%) and new American (10%) for 8 months, where it underwent full malolactic fermentation.

No filtration , no fining, and only minimal SO2 was added prior to bottling.

What's he like? A beatiful light/med bodied red with soft tannins, lots of red fruit (wild strawberries, cherries) and some floral notes. Overall, it's very nicely balanced.

750ml bottle.